Ceramicist-Illustrator Laura Chautin’s Charming Aesthetic Is Inspired By Her English Upbringing

Dainty florals, tiny strawberries, and frilly ribbons abound on her work—and on the home goods she loves.
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The ceramicist and illustrator Laura Chautin and her partner, the hair stylist Masami Hosono, are in a bit of a transitional phase. At the time of writing this, the couple are moving from their East Village apartment in Manhattan to Vinegar Hill, a tiny and endearing neighborhood in Brooklyn, in just a few days. In classic NYC fashion, their current landlord sold the building and they were forced to vacate—but the move across the river is a welcome one. "I’m really excited to be back in Brooklyn because I used to live there," says Chautin, "and the neighborhood’s really cute. I’m originally from London, and Vinegar Hill—which is truly like two streets—kind of reminds me of where I grew up."

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And while the new spot is still a rental—their friends own the building, and Chautin and Hosono will move into the back apartment—the couple already have the go-ahead from their friend-landlords to paint, renovate, and decorate however they’d like. "I really want to go crazy with painting," says Chautin, who has been inspired by a trip to the Charleston Trust, a house museum in East Sussex that served as a countryside retreat for the Bloomsbury Group art movement in the 1920s. "The owners had painted and illustrated on every surface of the home, like birds on the walls. It’s really sweet and charming," she says, "and I know my place is not going to be exactly like that, but I want to paint the cabinets and door frames and maybe do a mural somewhere."

This is all a fitting home project for Chautin, who hand-builds ceramic pieces that she then hand-paints with beautiful motifs like flowers, ribbons, landscapes, and other symbols that remind her of her English childhood. "Cath Kidston really had a hold on me as a kid. She did a lot of florals and strawberries and things that excited me as a child. I guess I’m trying to recreate that kind of excitement and femininity," she says. "[Every piece] takes a ridiculous amount of time. I want them to be kind of nostalgic and timeless."

As for decorating the new apartment, Chautin looks forward to outfitting the space with her current treasured home items — many of which serve as fun and colorful accent pieces designed by fellow small business owner friends like Cold Picnic, Dusen Dusen, and Fredericks & Mae. Chautin and her partner are also excited to elevate their style and "make it a little more adult, investing in furniture that is long-lasting," she says. "We’ve both collected things separately before we were together, things that were more affordable or easier to buy. In the next place, we want to home in on our aesthetic."

Jane Cookshop Casserole Pot

Jane Cookshop Casserole Pot
A pot in a lavender blue enamel. Compatible with all heat sources, even induction. Made in Austria by Riess Kelomat. Powered by their own hydroelectric power plants, this carbon-neutral business provides a model for environmentally responsible industry.

"I adore everything that is at Jane Cookshop, but I specifically love these enamel pots. The colors and material are so nice!"

Glassette Zodiac Print

Glassette Pisces Print
Pisces zodiac print from artist Tabby Booth. Having studied illustration at Central Saint Martins, Tabby's work treads an interesting parallel path between illustration and raw, traditional painting. Based in Cornwall, her work explores themes of mythology, mysticism, and the sea.

"I am a Pisces so this print really speaks to me. The graphic illustration is lovely."

Dusen Dusen Everybody Sun Washcloth

Dusen Dusen Everybody Sun Washcloth
The towel that smiles back! 100% cotton terry. 700 GSM. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified (no harmful chemicals were used during its production). Made in Portugal.  

"Everything that Dusen Dusen makes is incredible, but this sun washcloth is my idea of perfection."

Sandy Liang Ribbon Runner

Sandy Liang Ribbon Runner
Hand tufted wool runner rug  Dark green with pink ribbon detail 30" x 108" 17mm thickness   100% Wool 

"As we all know, Sandy Liang makes things for a cool princess. This runner is necessary for me to live out this fantasy."

Fredericks and Mae Wall Women

Fredericks and Mae Wall Women
These are decorative wall hangings - with a metal hook on the back to make things easy. They are elegance, they are grace. 

"I made some Wall Women for Fredericks and Mae; these are easy to hang and add a touch of color to the wall."

Cold Picnic Talking Rocks Bathmat

Cold Picnic Talking Rocks Bathmat
Like drying your feet on warm sun baked rocks, but plush and soft. Creamy white ground with lilac, slate grey, black and peachy/khaki design. 

"Cold Picnic is a staple in my home. I especially love this Talking Rocks bath mat."

English Garden Dessert Plate

Laura Chautin English Garde Dessert Plate
Porcelain dessert plate. Dishwasher safe. Handmade. 

"My Garden plates have been a staple motif within my work. They are now available in limited quantities in my shop!"

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