The Money Issue 2024

The Money Issue 2024

Home Economics: The Real Budgets Behind Remarkable Designs
Second Acts: Recycled Materials and Vintage Finds


Editor’s Letter: Crunching the Numbers
Editor’s Letter: Crunching the Numbers
Welcome to our annual Money Issue, where compromises lead to creativity as we dig into what great design actually costs.
By William Hanley - a month ago
The Circuitous Journey of an Early Prototype for U.S. Affordable Housing
Before finding its permanent new home in the California desert, the Aluminaire House faced multiple relocations—even a brush with demolition.
Can You Find the Fridge?
The ultimate status symbol in any modern renovation is an expertly-hidden refrigerator. Try your luck here!
30 Families Wanted to Build a Home Together. Two Architects Tell Us How They Made It Happen
Anda and Jenny French of Boston architecture firm French 2D specialize in “strange” housing types where people can reconsider what it means to live together.
Budget Breakdown: They Built Their $60K Home to Preserve the Surrounding Forest
Instead of spreading out, an architect couple opt for a taller dwelling with a smaller footprint in Puerto Varas, Chile.
This $53K Kitchen Renovation Is the Anti-HGTV Aesthetic
Vibrant colors and textures keep this small space in New York City feeling lively and inviting.
This Napa Family’s $226K ADU Repurposes Skateboard Wheels and Vineyard Stakes
Architects Maddie and Ryan Chandler pulled together their 500-square-foot backyard home using a (mostly) upcycled palette.
They Didn’t Just Want to Build a Housing Shelter. They Wanted to Shift Public Perception
From the exterior, the new PorchLight Eastgate facility in Washington isn’t immediately recognizable as a 100-bed shelter for unhoused men.
Budget Breakdown: They Built a Minimalist $437K ADU—to Live and Work Out of Themselves
The married pair behind Bay Area–based 3R Studio chose to rent out the larger front home on their property, and invest in infrastructure over aesthetics: “When we pass away, what...
Before & After: This $57K Ranch House Revamp Proves You Can Never Have Too Many Plants
RJ Guillermo and Francis Aquino outfit their 1951 L.A. home with a backyard oasis—and roughly 350 potted plants.
Turning Simple Materials and Recycled Finds Into a New-Old New Orleans Home
An architecture family makes magic with everyday objects and a lot of creativity.
We Check in With Dwell’s First Editor-in-Chief About a House 20 Years in the Making
The seed of an idea planted when Karrie Jacobs helped start our publication finally comes to fruition in her own Catskills home.
Why Are (Most) Sofas So Bad?
The most important piece of furniture in your home is in need of assistance. How did we end up here? And how can we fix it?
Here’s How Those Instagram Vintage Sellers Find Their Best Stuff
Hunting down the Caprani lamp of your dreams takes grit, vigilance, and a willingness to take a risk.
Furniture Designer Max Enrich Doesn’t Use His Massive Scissor Collection for What You Think
The 80-some specialized pairs he’s sourced from secondhand markets and peers in the design world provide a well of inspiration.